THE teacher educator network

A teacher appreciation company.


The task of the
is not to cut down jungles,
but to irrigate deserts.
— C.S. Lewis


For educators, by educators.

Headquartered in Waco, Texas, the Teacher Education Network was founded to give back to educators; those who hold, teach, lead and form the minds of our future.  Our company specializes in benefitting educators through everyday discounts, health & financial consult, purchasing a home and more. Whether you’re a private school teacher, administrator, or retired educator, we & your local community, family, and friends want to support you.

We have created an opportunity for "mom & pop" and nation-wide businesses to give back & support their local educators & schools.  There are many ways to get plugged in to our company or business opportunity.  Get in touch with us to set up a consultation to inquire whether our services are right for you.



601 Lake Air Dr.
Waco, Texas 76710


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