Passion & Experience.


In 2010, Bryan Jenkins resigned after 15 years of teaching math to pursue real estate full time and support his wife’s new job as head principal in China Spring Independent School District.  While listing the home of a local family, he was approached by a relocation company that serviced the husband's job.  Bryan was able to remain the listing agent but the relocation company handled everything else.

It was at this moment that Teacher Educator Network, LLC was born.  Many nation-wide companies have relocation packages that help with the emotional and financial stress of moving...  Why not for educators?  From that simple question, TEN-homes was born.  While we began primarily as a relocation company, we have grown to be much more. 

In developing more benefits, our primary question remains, “What else can we do to help educators?”  This is our daily goal and what drives us to add "perks" on behalf of ALL faculty, staff, board members and anyone else willing to give their time and dedication to this wonderful profession.


    Join Us!

    We know that personal and financial growth is important to you & your family.  Consider partnering with our business to create your very own teacher appreciation network in your city.  Contact us to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.


    Finding the best opportunities for educators to reduce emotional & financial stresses.

    Partnering with local & nationwide businesses.

    Founded by educators for educators.

    Core Values

    • Education for today and future generations will allow us to continually achieve greatness.
    • We are only as strong as the weakest link.
    • We will put our Educators first in everything that we do.
    • We will always deliver on our promises.
    • We will listen…
      • to the needs of the Educators and will do everything in our ability to deliver to them.
      • to one another with the intent of understanding.
    • We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurialism and want to nurture and grow that daily within our team members.
    • We will be passionate and driven in all that we do while maintaining a spirit of humbleness and humility.
    • Have a JOYFUL Spirit.